CIS 3810 : Principles of New Media
CIS 3750 : Social Media Technologies in Organizations

Week One

Introduction to free and open source media software

The Text Editor

Week Two

The Current State of Media Studies

Introduction to Vocat

Week Three

Historical Contexts and Present Day Disruptions

Introduction to Gimp

Week Four

Napster and Millennial Tech Disruption

Multi-Platform Styling

Week Five

From Film to Digital Video & New/Social Media Narrative Techniques

Blender, VLC, and Gimp: Creating the Animated Gif

Week Six

Open Source/Creative Commons Content and The Internet Archive

Content Deployment from Github to Tumblr

Week Seven

Midterm Review

Midterm Review

Week Eight

Non-Linear Editing and Law of Accelerating Returns

Blender: Video Production

Week Nine

Gamergate and Feminist Critique of Game Industry

DOSBox: ZZT, Autocesk Animator, etc.
Digital Archeology

Week Ten

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Blender + Unity

Week Eleven

YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Media Virality

Chroma-Keying/Green screen in Gimp

Week Twelve



Week Thirteen

Final Project Review

Final Project Review

Week Fourteen